Ride Empowered Criterium Training Series

See what brand new racers are saying about the criterium series!
Steven H. said: “Thanks for putting on the training race series! I used to have the luxury of events like this quite frequently years ago…and despite not necessarily underappreciating them at the time, I still feel like I (and many others) don’t grasp the full value of this type of event until ya do without ‘em for a while. ‘Cept for some seriously dedicated triathlete-types, most people cannot replicate suffering and bike handling in a vacuum… external motivation to work very hard and handle one’s bike under physical duress only comes in real race situations, for which one needs lots of other similarly motivated cyclists”
A twilight criterium training series designed to give bike racers and athletes interested in starting to race, a safe venue to practice and learn how to safely race criteriums.
Held under USAC Event Permit # 2012-1245

$10 night this Thursday July 19th!

Thursday Event dates: May 17th, 24th, 31st, June 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th July 5th, 12th, 19th, August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, September 6, 13th.

Course: Our series is located in Rancho Cordova in a undeveloped residential area.  See website for details. Excellent pavement. Free lap rule applies. No Neutral Support. USA Cycling rules in effect. Helmets are mandatory.

Directions: Highway 50 East. Exit South on Zinfandel Drive for approximately 1 .5 miles. Left turn on Baroque Drive. Course entry will be at Terra Blanca Way

Parking:  No parking at registration or in developed residential areas. Limited parking at venue. Please ride to the event or carpool. Park in pink highlighted area indicated in map below.

Instructions: Clean up after yourself • No warming up in residential areas • Warm up on trainers in parking area • Don’t Litter • No Alcohol • No Animals • No Public Urination

Entry: Held under USAC permit #201 2-1 245. Day of Registration Only. Registration opens at 5:00 pm and closes 5 minutes before each  event. Entry fee is $1 5.00.  Annual USAC license or one day license required (one waiver per rider).  CASH ONLY, no checks.  Entry Fee includes USAC insurance. No NCNCA surcharges for this event.  Discount Event Passes: 10% off for 10 race pass ($135), 15% off for 17 race pass ($216).

5:45-6:30: Group “B” Men 4/5 or Women 3/4 & ALL beginners
6:45-7:30: Group “A” Men Pro/1/2/3 or Women 1/2

Field limit: 75

Save your bib numbers and reuse them for the entire series

If you volunteer or a significant other volunteers for you, then you get one free race registration.  Also, if an ‘A’ group racer wants to mentor the ‘B’ group then you’ll also get your ‘A’ race comp’d.


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Sponsored by: RoadID,  GU Energy Labs, Alt-Gear and City of Rancho Cordova

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this series count toward upgrade points?

Unfortunately I can’t offer any upgrade points until I’m a level 2 coach which most likely won’t happen until next year.  I do envision that being the case in the future!  Until then, I’m hoping that it at least offers people the opportunity to practice safe criterium racing practice.

 Do I have to have a USAC license?
I am a USA Cycling certified coach and am running this series as a training series event and have purchased liability insurance.  Additionally, working with city fees and liability requires that I have insurance.  Insurance is purchased and is part of the USAC permit.  As a result, all participants are required to sign a waiver and release.  If you are a USAC licensed racer then you need to sign the simple waiver that you are used to signing at other events.  If you are not a USAC licensed racer then there will be a different waiver that includes a 1-day license fee of $5.00.
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