Ride Empowered Tips


As a professional cycling coach, trainer and elite cyclist, I get asked a lot of questions about training, nutrition, race tactics, recovery and everything in between. Over time I’ve recognized that more or less the same themes emerge for athletes of any and all abilities. In an attempt to streamline those familiar and recurring questions, I decided to start a page dedicated to those themes. Feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas you may have that are not covered here, and don’t forget to check back for updates.


How to incorporate training into your commute

Riding in the Heat

Coming Back from Injury

Changes: when, how & what not to do

Should I get a coach?

Going easy should be as hard….as going hard

Making the case for OFF the bike training

When should I take a break?

Climbing: the short and long of it

What to expect your first season: Part 1

What to expect your first season: Part 2

FTP and fitness

More on FTP: There’s more than one threshold!

Nutrition: Let’s start with the basics

Big fields vs small fields: advantages & disadvantages of both

I’m a pretty good local Cat 1/2 racer, should I do an NRC race?

When bad weather forces you indoors

Adding variety to your gym routine


If you’re interested in hearing about another topic, feel free to reach out! I’m also available for coaching and guest posts on training, racing and women’s cycling. Twitter & Instagram @ridempowered