Going easy should be as hard….as going hard

One of the most common, not so ideal, habits that everyone who is trying to push themselves physically; whether professional or not, is they don’t go easy enough when they should nor do they push themselves as hard as they should when they need to.

Whether you feel that your fitness has plateaued, or you feel sluggish a lot or just can’t seem to make that next jump in fitness that you would love to be able to do, you are more than likely doing what most athletes are doing when they feel this way. The ‘doing’ is actually two parts: one part not going hard enough and the other part not going easy enough.

One the days that you decide to really push your limits, ask yourself ‘Could I go harder? Is this really my limit? Can I suffer just a little bit more or for longer?’ Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid because you’ll probably surprise yourself! Even if it’s just for one minute longer or just one more interval, all of that adds up to extra fitness gains that you can build on over the long term.

The most important part of training is recovery. How often do we go out for an ‘easy’ ride when we say we should only to end up going just a ‘little’ bit hard because we feel good, or it’s a beautiful day or we want to impress that friend you’re riding with. You may not think that going just a little bit hard will make a difference but it does. When your body is needing & craving active recovery and you don’t allow for that, you never bounce back like you could to see those fitness gains. On your easy days, it should be just as hard to go easy as it is hard to go hard on your hard days. Stay disciplined, listen to your body and stay focused on that long term goal!

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