The Sh!t cyclists say; for the record…

“I can’t ride early in the morning, I’d rather ride at night”

“I can’t ride at night, I’d rather ride in the morning”

“I can’t stand riding in the cold”

“I can’t stand riding in the heat”

“I’d much rather be over-heated than too cold”

“I have to get my sleep, it’s that simple”

“I can run in 3 hours of sleep every night, no problem”

“I’d rather just go hard all the time”

“I’d rather do long, slow easy rides”

“I hate crits”

“I hate hills”

“Triathletes are weird”

“Why would you want to run?!”

“I have to date someone who rides a bike too”

“I don’t want to date someone who also races a bike”

“Wanna go for a ride?”

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