I couldn’t help but think as I was sitting on the tarmac waiting for the take off ‘The last time I was on a plane, I was going to Hawaii…….and I want to go back…soooooooooo bad!’

Sunrise in SacTo on the tarmac
Couldn’t think of a better use of my time during my lay-over in San Diego than to add to my illustrious hat collection. It was plaid afterall…..

My sister Rachel and I

While in Texas, I was quietly reminded of how Texas……Texas can be
Went for a bike ride Saturday morning before the wedding in some of the most windy conditions since I’ve lived in SoUtah. The best part? The ride was with a good friend that I hadn’t actually met until that morning. Check him out @lovingthebike on Twitter and Here

Me and my *baby brother* (AKA the incredible Hulk) Matt
Wanna know how you know you’re from a small town? You find out that your ‘step-cousin’ went on a group date with you back in High School……BEFORE you were family
Me and my Sister-in-Law Sara (no, not THAT Sara 😉
Me and my Step-Dad (AKA Dad2)
Me and the bride – my step-sister Sara (please excuse my hugely distracting forehead) she was stunning
Me and all my ‘full-blooded’ siblings. We’re not all together very often 🙁 I’m the oldest of four. And yes, I am the craziest of them all…..but not by much 😉

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