To Vegas! Not by car, boat or foot but …..TRAIN!

As a poor bike racer, how was I going to get to interbike where my skills as a social fiend, social butterfly, coach, racer, sales rep and all-around bike advocate?!?! Well, you call in reinforcements naturally.  I managed to find someone to carpool with.  A friend, who I’ve never met (we’re in the 21st century folks) and was going to meet him in Reno. Sooooo how to get to Reno? By train of course! I have to say, I’m a big fan.  Slow enough to enjoy the scenery and you get to see country-side you wouldn’t normally see; plus far fewer people & safer than driving.  There’s more than one way to travel and I think more people should be using public transportation and there are so many options; and of course for all things close by…..RIDE YOUR BIKE!  Hope you enjoy the pics


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