Limbo is hell
Heaven is contentment
Heaven is peace
Heaven is unconditional acceptance

Heaven isn’t a place
Limbo isn’t a place

God doesn’t exist anymore than the devil does
If God is one’s inner power, strength & connection to the universe,
Then the devil is the feeling of disconnect between yourself & your power & the connection to the universe

Am I chasing a shadow?
If I stop walking will it vanish into thin air?
How much of reality is a fantasy?
How much of my fantasy is reality?

Limbo is a space to move through
Limbo is uncomfortable but sometimes necessary
Limbo is not sustainable

Limbo has a room with my name on it
I’m not quite anything
I’m not enough of anything
I exist in the spectrum as an ethereal rainbow that disappears the moment you move
Look away & the rainbow disappears

No one misses the rainbow
No one works for the rainbow
They smile when they see it but then turn back toward the sun

I’ve seen heaven. I’ve tasted it. I’ve even rented a room for awhile
I can’t afford heaven
Heaven never seems to be satisfied with me for long
Maybe a little while….

I see other people in heaven
And heaven lets them stay
I keep asking questions of heaven
How much do you want?
What is enough?
What am I doing wrong?

Much like God, heaven doesn’t talk
Or maybe I just haven’t learned the language yet

There’s a clock ticking somewhere
It gets quieter & quieter
I missed something somewhere in the middle of the day
And now the sun set is setting
Or maybe it’s rising?
I can’t tell

Why wouldn’t I resign?

Rainbows are pretty
Rainbows are distracting
Rainbows are fun for awhile

I don’t want to be a rainbow anymore
I want to be the Sun

A small Sun
A purple Sun
ANY kind of Sun

Tears of joy or sadness
I can’t tell which sometimes
That’s limbo

Limbo is hell




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