I know I said I’d never race CX……I might have lied

I should know better by now than to keep saying things that begin with ‘I’ll never….’ because it seems that I keep proving myself wrong. In my personal and professional life I find myself exploring things that I never thought I’d do, mostly because my original reason for never doing said ‘thing’ didn’t seem to hold weight anymore and the reward for pushing the boundaries, feeling things I never thought I’d feel, thinking things I didn’t think were reasonable and doing things I didn’t think were possible obviously…….outweighed the cost.

To my knowledge, I’ve done every kind of training plan there is since I started this obsessive madness I call ‘chasing my dream of going pro’ 8 years ago. I’ve read several training bible, power, women’s specific and general endurance books. I’ve had a handful of coaches, I’ve raced mountain bike, road, track and now……..Making a liar out of myself…..CX *gasp*


Every year I change. My body changes, my mind changes, my life changes, my goals change, my experience is compounded upon the previous season and more miles are piled on top of…….were all those miles worth it?

Ive done circuit training, Olympic track style lifting, body-building type weight training, no weights at all, cross training of all sorts on and off my bike. I’ve done done various amounts of training on-the-bike training hours from as few as 8 all the way up to the old school 25-30 hrs during the base period.

Change or die

Ive pursued this dream with the never ending drive to find what’s better, faster, smarter, the perfect balance, the perfect RX, the right path toward my goal. Every year has been different. Every year I learned so much, some more off the bike than on. Every year I also become more balanced, more comfortable with who I am, more focused, more calm, more present

Live NOW

So which is right? What’s the answer? Was all that worth it? Is it a combination? Is it ALL of it? What’s smarter, faster, better?

The answer is…………


Its your path. It’s your journey. Listen to your body. Follow your heart. Stay open. Surround yourself with experts and people you trust.

Practice your craft. Study it on and off the ‘bike’. And never ever ever ever……ever give up.

Who knows, lighting could strike.

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