It’s all coming together. Best result this year so far – Bariani Road Race report

I was happy that so many women registered for this race despite its’ short distance and relatively flat course.  I was also really happy to see Vanderkitten there as I knew it would be great training for me as I’ve been participating in races like Merco and will be heading to San Dimas where the competition has been show casing some of the best in the world.  My teammate Marissa & I knew that with only two of us and the other main teams being Metromint and Pinnacle that we had no business doing much work or instigating any moves.  Our goal was to be attentive and go with anything that was dangerous; and to us that meant breaks that included Vanderkitten, Metromint, Pinnacle and combinations thereof.  I expected the race to have a lot of surging because of its’ short length and I also expected Vanderkitten to make the main moves….which is exactly what happened.  Less than 2 miles into the race two Vanderkitten – Kachorek & Anderson – attacked and broke free and quickly built a gap.  I was sitting mid-pack when this happened so was in no position to answer.  I was surprised that metromint and pinnacle didn’t organize a chase right away.  Both teams missed the break so the onus was on them to chase down the break as it was now their race to lose.  There were haph-hazard attempts but no real successful chase and by the last lap was honestly painfully slow.  Throughout the remainder of the race there were a few attacks that the other Vanderkitten teammates answered and just sat on & were as a result brought back rather quickly.  So naturally I knew by the end of the 1st lap that this was going to most likely come down to a field sprint so I stayed protected but up near the front by the rest of Vanderkitten just in case they decided to get a second break going.  Near the end of the 2nd lap there was a second break established that had a few PInnacle, Metromint and Vanderkitten in it and since that was a dangerous combination I decided to bridge………….. and I used up one hell of a match to do so.  The group caught up to us less than a few miles later but in the process dropped part of the pack so then I was really certain it would come down to a field sprint.  I spent the rest of the 3rd lap recovering and I knew Ruth Winder would win the field sprint so with a few miles to go the pace picked up, I found her wheel and stayed glued to it.  The final up-hill stretch was being lead out single file by Vanderkitten and I had to fight elbow, hip and handle bar to stay on Ruth’s wheel.  Pinnacle & Red Racing were fighting for position as well.  Ruth launched her final attack and was clear of the rest of us quite easily and I got passed just before the finish line by a Pinnacle & Metromint rider.  I’m really happy with 6th place because this is the first time I’ve been confident enough to feel like I belonged in the final sprint regardless of whether I’m a pure sprinter or not.  Also, I earned points for this race toward my Cat 1 upgrade, which is my first main goal this season.  I think I’ve had it stuck in my head for so long that I’m not a sprinter that I never believed I belonged there.  My coach has been amazing at believing in me which has helped me believe in myself.  Positioning, confidence, timing, patience and the ability to read a race are just as important as having a powerful sprint.  From now on, I don’t care who I’m bumping elbows with, I’m sprinting for 1st too!

Pic taken finishing the 2nd lap

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