Cherry Pie: Setting the tone for 2013

My coach Todd of HSP Seattle and I  both felt that it was important to race well in my first race of the season for two reasons: the importance of setting the tone for 2013 and to help me build my confidence.  It seems like every year I change up my training program at least a little.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in both my professional and personal life it’s ‘Change or Die’.  I live everyday like that.

You have to be willing to accept change, to look at what needs to be changed and to have the courage to make the necessary decisions for change that will lead you closer to your goals. 

A new coach and training program this season was necessary to keep moving forward.  I’ve learned valuable lessons from all the coaches and training programs I’ve had and it’s all part of my journey and I’m grateful for all of it.

Coming into the 2013 season I felt really confident about my fitness and trusted my training.  I think it’s important to have a coach that you trust and to trust your training program so that you can stay focused.  I was chomping at the bit to race Cherry Pie.  Every year I’d done it was a humbling experience as the local pro’s threw the hammer down on all of us local amateurs.  This year though…..I believed I had a fighting chance.  I was nervous all morning but that went away a few hours before the race then I was just excited.  I felt smooth, confident and strong all throughout the race and never really felt like I was in any real trouble like I had been in years past.  I was smart, conservative and maintained a good position throughout the entire race.  For what I think was the first time in 3 years though since upgrading to the Pro/1/2 field, I was in a finishing sprint and was gently ‘elbow-shoulder-handle-bar-rubbingly’ reminded me what it was like. Although I did fight hard the last lap to maintain a top 5 position I got nervous and slid back a little coming into the final chicane.  I got 10th place though with a better sprint than I’ve had in as many years.


Photo compliments of Dave Maddux

As the compliments from fellow pro racers, pro teams and by-standers came in I knew that I had achieved my goal: I did set the tone for 2013 and my confidence is up where it should be.  But more than that……I loved being near the front with some of the top women in the nation and feeling on par.  I loved the way they raced and I have absolute respect and admiration for their dedication and professionalism and I’m really looking forward to having them continue to tear my legs off the rest of 2013. Gawd I love this sport and I love the women who like to play as hard as I do.


Photo compliments of Ronnie Lenzi

Pics from Alex Chui

I’m trying to get to my next races this month: Snelling, Merced and Merco and need help with registration fees and gas. I wouldn’t have been able to race Cherry pie without the support I’ve received


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