Expressions of a different media

I’ve been experimenting with expressing myself as an artist using different media other than what I’ve been using the majority of my life: paper & pencil or variations thereof.  Today, I used words and a camera.

As I sipped my coffee I watched a caretaker help an elderly man in a wheelchair enjoy breakfast….’Don’t waste time cutting it up into little pieces, just pick it up with your fingers and Enjoy It!’

Outdoor ornaments hung from trees in a nearby neighborhood & I could only think of the words I had read earlier…

Velvety Victorianism

A woman and I who had on a similar brown hat spotted each other and there was immediate frission…..and we smiled…suddenly strangers no more.


I ride my bike past several churches in the small towns of San Rafael, San Anselmo and Fairfax on a regular basis and found them unique in structure and character.  I had wanted to go inside them but didn’t know why nor did I try to figure out why, I simply accepted it as part of my journey.


I wanted to see the architecture, the opulent winks of the stained glass and appreciate the Church for what it was. 

I sat in the back of the church.  I wasn’t looking for ‘God’, I don’t believe in that kind of God anymore.  I wasn’t looking for religion, I was secure in my own world view, values and personal journey.

The wood of the pews even felt familiar and had a similar smell as what I had grown up being around going to Church as a young Mormon.  The seat held my back the same way; and yet, this church was the antithesis of what a church and religion was to a Mormon.

Perhaps we see what we want to see when we are at where we are at in our journey.  This time, I had no judgement. I didin’t feel threatened, pushed, manipulated or afraid of old ‘brain washing’ welling up from the deep.  I was here because I wanted to be.  I had no need to read into my choice to be there.  We are all looking for peace but I had found it inside myself long before I walked inside this Church today and long after I walked out of the last one long ago…..

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