Article for the Sacramento Valley Velodrome Association

I did an interview of Carlos Josa who works for Stantec Architecture

Women’s Racing Part IV

At the risk of sounding like the series of a bunch of really bad movie sequels, I wanted to write more about women’s racing now that I’ve started my season.  I’ve had the opportunity to race against some of the best women in the USA and it would appear the world, as displayed in the […]

I wanna dance again

I want to dance with you again You are the wind You are the sun You are the earth beneath me You are the road You are the rain You are the pedals You are the bike I lost my step for a second I lost count I don’t recognize this tune, can’t find my […]

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

Wrote today over at Talking Treads about my recent freelance journalism adventures

The Sh!t cyclists say; for the record…

“I can’t ride early in the morning, I’d rather ride at night” “I can’t ride at night, I’d rather ride in the morning” “I can’t stand riding in the cold” “I can’t stand riding in the heat” “I’d much rather be over-heated than too cold” “I have to get my sleep, it’s that simple” “I […]

Ode to the Stranger

We all have one That stranger we see everyday You’ve seen them at nearly the same place and the same time almost everyday for…… You’ve forgotten how long Perhaps you’re on your way to work Or riding your bike Or taking your regular walk You gesture, wave, maybe even smile slightly You don’t know their […]

Women’s racing part III

In parts I & II of my series, I talked a lot about the long history of sponsorship and money issues regarding women’s racing and offered up some possible solutions.  There’s been some great feedback, comments & dialogue started on and off-line as a result.  I can only hope this helps to stir the pot […]

Women’s racing part II

In part I of my women’s racing series, I introduced this subject and why I wanted to write about it.  In this piece I go into more depth about the issues regarding sponsorship as well as what is currently happening & the discussions taking place & offer up some possible solutions.  There were some fantastic […]

Women’s racing Part 1

I have lots of ideas, probably because I’m an artist and the creativity flows, especially while I’m riding my bike ironically enough.  Sometimes they get very grandiose in my head and as I start to tackle them I realize very quickly that they’re either very bad ideas, someone has already done/thought of them or they […]

French Meadows Ride Report

I’ve only ever done one ride report before this one, and that was for King’s Ridge. The trend then seems to be for those rides that hold significance in both length, scenery & adventure quality.  Yesterday’s French Meadows loop definitely qualifies I think because something really interesting happened yesterday.  This was one of the longest, […]


‘Imagine’ by John Lennon is my all time favorite song.  I watch the struggles of the world and how differences in religion, politics and culture cause the majority of blood-shed and conflict, and I think we should be able to get along.  In fact, I know we can.  Those are not good enough reasons to […]

To Vegas! Not by car, boat or foot but …..TRAIN!

As a poor bike racer, how was I going to get to interbike where my skills as a social fiend, social butterfly, coach, racer, sales rep and all-around bike advocate?!?! Well, you call in reinforcements naturally.  I managed to find someone to carpool with.  A friend, who I’ve never met (we’re in the 21st century […]

Be careful what you ask for….

Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it.  Sound cliche’?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to me.  It’s been the most terrifying, satisfying, scary, exhilarating & fulfilling few months of my entire life.  I keep saying ‘I’ve never been happier!  I’m finally living my dream on AND off the bike!’  However, that […]

Looky looky I can cooky!

Up until three years ago, I ate almost everything out of a box and still claimed that I ‘ate healthy’ & perhaps by certain standards that was true.  I had tried cooking in the past and was horrible at it.  I didn’t understand very basic concepts about what went well with what and how long […]

I get lost….

Completely spontaneous posts are some of my favorites….. as well as completely spontaneous behavior that has a facetious edge to it For those of you who know me best, I get lost…all the time. I get lost… On bike rides On the way to bike races On the way home from bike races DURING bike […]

Tour de Nez race report

I got a top 20 (17th) at my only NRC race I’ve done this year and yes, I’m writing a race report! Picture courtesy of Michael Hernandez I’ve learned over the past few seasons that writing race report within 24 hours of the event is really crucial as the memories, feelings, thoughts and emotions are […]


For those of you who pay attention (even maybe a little?) I have this fascination….okay an addiction, to mustard.  A friend of mine on twitter noticed me mention that I have yet to find the elusive Jalapeno mustard that I had the pleasure of tasting during a Christmas dinner at a friends’ house.  She quickly […]

Day of the Dragon: What are the chances?

Are you a betting person? Do you believe in fate or the energy of the universe? I don’t think it really matters, I just thought June 1st was an extra special day because all of the following happened: I finished the final drawing for the dragon for my first T-shirt from my new Mistress H […]


I couldn’t help but think as I was sitting on the tarmac waiting for the take off ‘The last time I was on a plane, I was going to Hawaii…….and I want to go back…soooooooooo bad!’ Sunrise in SacTo on the tarmac Couldn’t think of a better use of my time during my lay-over in […]

King’s Ridge Ride Report

The funniest thing about this pic is, I honestly tried to NOT look like that….it was pouring…. I had only ever heard about the King’s Ridge Ride, I’d never done it. I had an appointment in the Santa Rosa area last Saturday and so I planned in advance to stay overnight in the area and […]

The ‘Right’ Food to Fuel your RIDE

So I’ve had a few people ask me what I eat before, during and after a race and so I thought I’d just blog about it. For both training and race rides, I try to eat a good, hearty breakfast. This would include a healthy mix of carbohydrates and protein. I also love coffee 😀 […]

Bike Shop & #Bikeschool Monday

So a friend of mine made a bike rack for me out of PVC pipe and then I got all motivated and schtuff this afternoon and decided to re-do my whole *bike shop*. As you can see from the before picture……I’ve been just leaning my bikes up against each other – not the best thing […]