When I was 12 I wanted to buy my first 10 speed bike at the local KMart. My mom was a single mother of four kids and I was the oldest with many responsibilities for someone that age, but I’m not complaining; I developed a hard work ethic and am very independent as a result. She agreed to pay for half the cost of the bike if I earned the other half. I spent all summer mowing lawns for $5.00 each and saved the money I needed. I still remember the day I rode that 10 speed home from that Kmart. 


All through middle school and high school I tried many different sports including running, soccer, basketball, tennis, softball, gymnastics and although I never felt like I was very good at any of them, but I knew I wanted to be a professional athlete when I ‘grew up.’ During college, I started to really enjoy camping and hiking a lot through the majestic beauty of Southern Utah. I joined the ‘Outdoor/Rec club’ at the university which had quickly dissolved into the Mountain Biking club. I didn’t have a mountain bike, but that didn’t stop me from ‘asking’ to borrow one from a guy friend of mine. That was it. I had fell in love with the bicycle. Two years later I was the president of the Mountain Biking club and had earned the nickname ‘biker chic’. My summer before my senior year of college I finally decided to purchase my first road bike. I did some mountain bike racing but after I participated in my first road bike race I fell in love with the sport of road racing. After I graduated college in 2005 I decided to focus on racing my bicycle. Unfortunately, my first year or so of ‘training’ and attempting to race were plagued with lots of illness, chronic fatigue and auto-immune like symptoms.  The doctors could never figure out what it was so I quit going to doctors, laid in bed and did my own research.  After about 8 months I slowly started getting my energy back and finally, I started to feel like I had enough energy to ride a few miles and within a few months I was knee deep into building base during the winter. I was ready to chase my dream again. I went from a Cat 4 to a Cat 2 in 12 months and then after a training camp in the Sierra Nevada hills near Sacramento, I decided to come to Northern California where I had learned that this was the place to race, as the area has the longest and richest history of racing and the caliber of racing is the highest in the country. I left Utah, a job and everyone I knew and moved to Northern California where the first several months were spent couch surfing and racing. In 2010 I started racing in the Pro/1/2 category. 

I’ve learned that it takes a long time to develop as a cyclist both physically and mentally.  I’ve also found that I get a lot of satisfaction by helping others gain the skills to ride a bike.  I got my USA Cycling coaching license in the winter of 2010.  After beginning to race on the national circuit in 2013, I took ‘living my dream’ to another level and moved to Seattle WA to coach full time. I  work with clients on a daily basis, in clinics or remotely. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading, doing art projects, music and spending time with friends and family.