When I was 12 I wanted to buy my first 10 speed bike at the local KMart. My mom agreed to pay for half the cost of the bike if I earned the other half. I spent all summer mowing lawns for $5.00 each and saved the money I needed. I still remember the day I rode that 10 speed home from that Kmart. 


Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a professional athlete. It wasn’t until I started mountain biking in college that I knew I’d found my sport. I began riding a road bike a few years later and after completing my first stage race, I fell in love with the sport of bike racing. I decided to get serious about training but unfortunately, my first year or so of ‘training’ and attempting to race were plagued with lots of illness, chronic fatigue and auto-immune like symptoms.  The doctors could never figure out what it was so I quit going to doctors, laid in bed and did my own research and slowly healed myself over the next year and was finally able to ride a bike again. I trained through the winter and started my first season racing as a Cat 4 in 2008. I attended a training camp in the Sierra Nevada hills near Sacramento early that year and decided to come to Northern California where I had learned that this was the place to race, as the area has the longest and richest history of racing and the caliber of racing is the highest in the country. I decided to commit 100% to my dream of being a professional cyclist so I left Utah, a job and everyone I knew and moved to Northern California where I knew 2 people and spent the rest of the season couch surfing and living the lifestyle of a bike racer. I upgraded from a Cat 4 to a 2 in 18 months. The next several years I spent learning to balance career aspirations with racing goals & that having financial stability and being a healthy more well-rounded individual makes you a faster bike racer.

I’ve learned that it takes a long time to develop as a cyclist both physically and mentally. The experiences, people and places I’ve been and raced have helped shape me as an athlete and person. I have been on a pro team, guest rode for pro teams and played an integral role as a domestique to regional teams. My strengths include being a break-away rider, tactician, criteriums, omniums, one day road races; as well as endurance events on the track. I have been racing since 2008 and decided to commit myself to being an elite athlete after upgrading to the elite level within two seasons of racing. The last few years (2015-2018) were my most successful seasons. I’ve been ranked 2nd & 3rd in the Pro/1/2 BARR (Best All Around Rider), won 2nd in the state Criterium championships, Ballard Criterium, Redmond Derby Days & 3 regional championship podiums. In 2016 I started racing on the track where within two nights of racing I was upgraded to the elite level. My focus is generally endurance track events, criteriums and rouleur one-day road races. These results and the continued support I receive from sponsors, friends and coaches have helped to motivate me to continue this journey and earn more success at the national level over the next few years.

Off the bike, I enjoy cooking, reading, hanging out with friends and exploring the city of Seattle where I call home now. To pay the bills, I am an executive assistant for two firms.